Issues and Artists Presents: Doktor Kaboom!

Ashley Fox

Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, February 26th, Wilmington College’s “Issues and Artists” presented Doktor Kaboom (David Epley) for their last show for the fall semester. The show, which started at 7:30 p.m, was free to all Wilmington College students, staff, and members of the community. The German entertainer was chosen for his unique blend of comedy and education that could be appreciated by a wide audience of students and community members. Also known as the “Mister Rodgers of Science”, Dr. Kaboom combines science and comedy to create a fun and educational atmosphere for all ages. There was audience participation in each of his experiments which included a catapult, air cannon, and the classic elephant’s toothpaste.  The full house audience received an entertainer that blended scientific method, experimentation, and a little bit of German witticism. Alec Hutzelman, sophomore at Wilmington College and viewer of the show, described the experience as “a fun and educational show for kids, parents, and even college students.”

        Dr. Kaboom is not only an entertainer, but an advocate of personal empowerment. He believes in building self-confidence through the exploration of applications of physical sciences all around us. Dr. Kaboom makes it his goal for all of his audience participants to feel their worth and how smart they are when they help execute an experiment. He wishes for this confidence to influence people of all ages to feel smart and proud of their knowledge.

        Even though “Issues and Artists” is over for the academic year, there are still many events coming up from other organizations such as the Activity Programming Board. APB has events such as a St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest party,  games at Relay For Life, Sibs weekend (April 4-6), Spring Formal (April 29th), movie nights, and much more. Megan McDonough, active member of Activity Planning Board (APB), also says that they are “planning some recreation and culture events soon!” Always check your emails, the WC channel on your televisions or in Pyle Center, Pyle box flyers, and twitter for more exciting events on campus.


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