Welcome back, everyone!

In the spirit of the Information Age, The Witness newspaper has gone digital this year. Beginning early September, 2011, we will be Tweeting, posting on Facebook, and blogging [here] all news relevant to the Wilmington College community. Stay as connected as you wish by following any or all of our accounts–we won’t disappoint.

Also new this year is 95.5% of the Witness staff. At the helm, we welcome Audrey Ingram, a junior at WC. Audrey will be serving as editor in chief, along with her new titles: webmaster, Tweet-master, blogmaster, and admin of the Facebook page. Following Audrey’s lead are 13 new staff writers and photographers who represent a multitude of diciplines and interests. We’re also excited to have them aboard.

Stick with us and you won’t miss anything.

Shalom and shalam,

Corey Cockerill
Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
Adviser to The Witness [yes, adviser with an e per the AP Stylebook]

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