Makeup Trends to Watch Out For This Year

Everyone knows 2017 was the year of wild makeup trends that made the internet go crazy. 2018 might be bigger or maybe, but maybe more calm. Seeing the way 2017 left off, here’s some trends to watch out for this new year.

Gloss, Gloss, and More Gloss

Matte has been taking over for so long now, but gloss is taking over the scene once again. Many makeup fanatics say matte was too dried out and chipped away too much. Of course gloss is moisturizing and gives your lips a plump look. Not only can you use it on your lips, but you can have glossy lids and there are many highlighters out at the moment that leave a glossy finish for a more natural glow.


Everyone can easily agree that glitter gets stuck everywhere. Why not make it look cute. You can use it in casual makeup looks. If you want to be extra, you can wear glitter tears, glitter freckles, glitter highlight, glitter lipstick, glitter eyeliner, glitter body spray, GLITTER. Anyone can pull it off and make it into their own look. Give it a shot and make it into something extraordinary.


Synthetic or real, more people aren’t hiding their secret anymore. Wearing wigs is a fun experience to try out colors you would never dare to actually dye your hair. Want to be a new person every day too? Give it a go and see what you like. No look is ever the same.

Of course as the year goes on, things will get more creative and fun. These are some simple ideas to start off with. Go ahead and combine all 3! It’s all about trying new things and just having fun.

It’s all about trying new things and just having fun.


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