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Music Review: Khalid’s EP “SunCity”

In 2016, Khalid broke the charts with his hit single “Location”, not long after this song hit the ears of young adults across the globe, his debut album American Teen came to be. Since then, he has collaborated with artists such as: Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, and Fifth Harmony member, Normani.

Although the Suncity EP that dropped on October 19 covers some of the same ground as American Teen, Khalid shows listeners a wider range of sounds in every song, from the upbeat spanish over a reggaeton-lite beat of the EP’s title track to the country vibes coming from “Saturday Nights”. Across the EP, one can find a track that resonates with them. 

After the vocal-less interlude, the EP properly starts off with “Vertigo” in which he contemplates “Are we alive?/ Or are we dreaming?/ After the ride/ Are you living?” as he slides into the “Saturday Nights.” On this track, Khalid tells the story of being young and trying to find your way in the world as a young adult.

As the EP was getting ready to be released to the world, Khalid tweeted that the EP would be the “start of a new era” and that it was his way of  playing around with different sounds, showing the world the range of music he enjoys. Although it seems like nothing will be able to top the wonders of “American Teen”, it is refreshing to get so many different sounds on the new EP from Khalid in just seven tracks.

It seems as though Khalid values speaking about his truth and the things he has experienced as a young adult living in El Paso, Texas. That being said, because his songs pertain to so many different aspects of his life, it is no surprise that his audience relates to the same things and find solace in his music. Khalid is set to release his second album in the early part of 2019.


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