My Summer 2014 Challenges

Ashley Fox

Staff Writer

            As we approach our final weeks of classes, summer break sits on the horizon. Many of my friends and classmates are eager to get back home and have a break from classes, go on vacations, and take time to relax. I wish I could feel the same; when I go back home from college, I will be working two jobs with little time to spend with my hometown friends and family. However, to alleviate some of the priorities and pressures I have to succeed in my summer careers, I have set several challenges for myself. These challenges are personal goals to break up the monotony of working away my summer break with creativity, adventure, success, and most importantly—fun!

1)    Read a book a week: As a hopeful future educator, I have not been on the right track in advancing my internal catalog of books I have read- especially in college where all of my time has been involved in work, playing lacrosse, and completing assignments. Yes, I have read all of the required reading for my classes this year such as Jane Eyre, Othello, Hamlet, and others from Brit Lit and Shakespeare courses. But honestly, I can’t remember the last time I finished a book I read for the sake of my own literature pleasure. So instead of finding an article, app, or blog with a title like “Books you should read summer 2014” and completing a set list, I’m going to first finish the books on my own bookshelves. There are probably twenty Half Price Book finds collecting dust on my shelf at home that need to be nurtured and read. This is where my challenge will start and I hope that by finishing the books in my own little library collection, that this will help me grow as a reader and search for new books to add to my collection.

2)    Run a 5K: Call me crazy, but this is on my bucket list. I have signed up with my sister to complete the Cincinnati Color Run and the Ohio Savage Race for this summer. If you know anything about these two races, they are completely opposite. The Color Run is geared less toward mile time and more toward just having fun—specifically running through my favorite city with colorful paint blasting in the air. The Savage Race on the other hand is an intensive 5K built into mud obstacle courses. Although the second race is more aggressive and competitive my goal is to have fun training for both races as I run with my friends and family.

3)    Take a weekend trip with a friend: This is the idea: fill a hat with places that could take a half day to drive to and spend a weekend getaway. Pick one at the beginning of summer and plan for it before the end of break. There are a few trips my friends and I already have in mind such as Cedar Point, Reds vs. Indians games, and going to Chicago. Planning a trip with friends is the perfect way to give myself some freedom over the summer and to have fun.

4)    Complete something off Pinterest: I love crafts. Like most college girls my age, Pinterest is the perfect way to fuel procrastination and creativity. I find myself pinning and repinning items but never trying to create them for myself. Instead they are just lists of crafts sitting on my board for me to look back at when I get bored on my cellphone. Pinterest crafts can turn into gifts or something to spark up any room décor. But it’s taking the time to purchase the materials and create the craft that I am terrible at executing. I feel inspired to create and to take time out of my buys summer schedule to do the things I love to do.


            WC students and staff, I challenge you to create your own lists of summer challenges and find interesting ways to add fun to your summer breaks. Do something different, create new friendships, go on a mini-vacation, or just find time to relax and have fun!


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