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NEW CLUB ALERT: Production Club, to embrace all aspects of social media

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The Production Club is a new club that was introduced to Wilmington College this semester. The club was started by sophomore communication arts major Marissa Johnson. Johnson hopes that the club will give students the opportunity to showcase a variety of skills and to have fun while doing so.

Maraya Wahl, Witness Editor, and Marissa Johnson, President of Production Club

The Production Club has partnered with the Witness Newspaper so that the content can be led by students for students in a more effective way.

Johnson was able to start this club through the Wilmington Institute for Stewardship & Engagement (WISE). The WISE program offers co-curricular leadership to majors of all disciplines and combines academics and internship experience.

“I am a part of the WISE group and we had an option to pick one of the jobs they gave you or create your own. I started a culture club in high school, so I thought why not create a club here,” said Johnson.

“I want everyone to embrace all the aspects that social media provides; the writing, speaking, video, and photography.” – Marissa Johnson, creator of Production Club

Johnson knows that members of the club will bring a variety of skills and that everyone will begin at different skill levels. She plans to use YouTube as a platform to show students how they can benefit from social media and use different social media outlets to market themselves. Johnson said, “I want everyone to embrace all the aspects that social media provides; the writing, speaking, video, and photography.”

Through her club, Johnson hopes to explain the opportunities students can create for themselves using different social media platforms.

The Production Club has weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm in the Robinson Communications Center (RCC) in room 124.

The up-and-coming channel will upload videos at the following link:

Brandon Williams

Senior Brandon Williams is a Communication Arts Major with a minor in Business Administration. This is his second year on The Witness and his favorite type of stories to write are sports articles. He is very involved on campus and believes that every opportunity is a good opportunity. On his off time, Brandon enjoys doing freelance photography and videography for his business. I will send a picture soon, not on my laptop at the moment.


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