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New students, new beginnings

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Megan Phillips
Staff Writer 

New students getting dorm keys and information about moving in

Congratulations everyone; you have made it through your first week of school. For most students, the first week back to school can be the longest week of their lives. For freshmen or transfer students, it can be the most stressful and confusing week.

Freshman and Wilmington High School graduate Lauren Lewis agreed that the first week was very hectic. “The most stressful part was probably just getting used to my schedule with soccer and school. I can tell I am going to be really busy. All of the students have been so helpful. I know anytime I have a question, whether it’s where something is or if I just need a hand with something, I can ask anyone, staff or student.” Lauren is an athletic training major and agreed it would be tough, but is glad she chose Wilmington College because everyone is so helpful and it is an enjoyable environment.

Derek Zeckser, also a Wilmington High School graduate, is studying criminal justice here at the college. Derek loves the fact he is a commuter, considering he has no early classes and gets to sleep in. Derek said, “To be honest I wasn’t too stressed at all, probably since I’m just going to class and leaving. The students were helpful, and I felt at home the whole time and it made it really easy.”

Sophomore and transfer student from the University of Cincinnati, Deanna Schindler, liked her first week here at Wilmington a lot more than her first week of UC. She said, “The teachers are much more personable here. The most stressful part was just adjusting to the size difference between UC and Wilmington.” Deanna is an agriculture education major and plans to finish out her degree here.

For your first week, we know it’s hard; we’ve all been through it. Hopefully these next few weeks fly by, and before we know it the semester will be over, leading to the end of the school year.

Maraya Wahl

Maraya is a 2018 graduate who majored in Business Management and Political Science and minored in Spanish. She believes that writing is a wonderful way to communicate and express oneself to others.


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