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“No Offense But…” April Discussion

On Tuesday, BSI will be hosting the second “No Offense But..” discussion this year. For people who don’t know, this discussion is where people come and ask questions about race, sexuality, religion, and etc. You can anonymously ask questions that can be opened with “No offense but…”. All students are welcome to come and sit in during this time.

Chip Murdock, Diversity and Inclusion Director

The last event went well and had a large turn out with students and staff. For the past couple of years, this event has been a place where people can ask what they want and get an answer from different people and have an understanding. “This is a safe place where and you can say what you want and if it’s something that doesn’t sit well with everybody, we’ll talk about that too.” Says Chip Murdock, Diversity and Inclusion Director.

This year’s event will be held on Tuesday, April 24 at 8:00 in McCoy. Come join in and let’s talk it out.

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