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“No Offense But” Panel Discussion Embraces Diversity

On Thursday, November 30, Black Student Initiative (BSI) hosted their annual “No Offense But” discussion in McCoy. They changed things up this year by making it a panel. They had people from Spectra, BSI, the Student Body, Athletics, Agriculture, Greek Life, International Club, and Latino Student Association represent on the panel. They plan to add more organizations into the next ones. The hosts of the event were Kelly Angevine and Lexi Mahaffa, with Chip Murdock as advisor of the event.

Before they opened for questions, they let students know the meaning of the event and why it is important for the campus. “When we think about the phrase ‘no offense but,’ we have to brace ourselves for what is coming next,” Chip Murdock explains. He went on to talk about how the event gives people a better understanding of certain differences, and certain similarities, between diverse groups of people. “Answer with patience and tolerance, because some really don’t know,” Chip adds.

Answer with patience and tolerance, because some really don’t know. – Chip Murdock

Chip gives Kelly the mic to start asking the submitted questions.

It starts off with easy questions, nothing that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. After it goes on, there are laughs from the panelists and the audience themselves. Throughout the panel, some questions get tougher. At one point everything did become tense when the subject of derogatory terms came up. Even though some things were thrown around and talked about, nothing too extreme happened.

Later in the discussion, they let the audience comment or ask questions. If a person felt something was hurtful or wrong they would get to say “oops” or “ouch.” This word was said a couple of times. Though this event can be a tough one, students always learn more about others from it.

They plan to host another in the spring semester and hopefully get more people to speak for different organizations.

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