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Not By a Leap, but By Many Steps: A Letter from Jim Reynolds

With the beginning of a new academic school year, President Jim Reynolds shares a letter to the student, staff and faculty of Wilmington College:

WC President Jim Reynolds

Today, we begin our 147th academic year at Wilmington College.  In 1870, at an auction, the Religious Society of Friends purchased the building that is now named College Hall and 50 acres of land surrounding the building for the princely sum of $11,000 and began the building of an institution of higher learning that would be steeped in the values that they believed were essential to a more just and civil society.  Over the course of the last 147 academic years, Wilmington College has seen its share of successes and challenges and has grown from each experience, constantly moving forward.

For those of you who are new to our campus, on our College seal, you’ll find the Latin phrase “Non saltu sed multis gradibus” which translated means “Not by a leap, but by many steps”.  I think this captures our philosophy of education and work incredibly well.  We are a college that is going to work hard, putting one foot in front of the other, making forward progress each day.  The good that we can accomplish won’t come in a rush of activity but through a constant desire to improve – slow and incremental, but positive.

We are a college that is going to work hard, putting one foot in front of the other, making forward progress each day.

Today, as each of us experiences the beginnings of a new year, I hope that you’ll take time to reflect on how you can help to make Wilmington College the very best it can be.  For those of you who are students, I want you to imagine a place where everyone is working towards a common goal, desiring to work, study and live together in a shared purpose of creating a community of caring.  For those of you who are faculty and staff, I hope that you’ll take a moment to reflect on your place at our College and how you can use the gifts and talents that you have to help our students realize their shared purpose.

At our Opening Meeting last Wednesday, I shared with our community the three immutable facts that we know:

1.     We care about Wilmington College;

2.     We believe in its mission and purpose; and

3.     We want the College to succeed

The wonder of this moment is that we are in control of these three facts.  I want us to live them and use them as guideposts for this academic year – all of us, irrespective of our role on campus can use these three facts to make this year a great one.

I wish for each of you, today and every day, a day full of joy, reflection and peace as we go about our busy lives together in our community and through our shared purpose!

With great respect for all of you,

Jim R

Maraya Wahl

Maraya is a 2018 graduate who majored in Business Management and Political Science and minored in Spanish. She believes that writing is a wonderful way to communicate and express oneself to others.

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  1. Renee E Imm
     /  Reply

    Wonderfully said. Keep up the good work! It looks like a tremendous place to send our youth and it starts from the top and filters down. Sue certainly does help out a lot! Quite proud of you both!


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