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Ohio’s Haunted Happenings

Around Halloween, everybody likes to break out their own stories of ghosts that are in old buildings or shadows in the woods. Whether or not these stories are entirely reliable or not, telling these spooky tales with friends is a past time most people experience. Next time an opportunity for scary stories arises, see if anyone knows about some of these local legends.

Cincinnati is just an hour away from Wilmington and hosts entire tours dedicated to the hauntings of the city. One of the most prominent of these hauntings would be the Cincinnati Music Hall. Built over the land of an insane asylum, the Commerce Lunatic Hospital, Music Hall is said to have paranormal occurrences day and night. These are witnessed by not only staff and security guards, but also audiences: angry whispering in the elevator, shadowy figures following and watching guests, laughter from dancing apparitions in the Music Hall Ballroom. The spirits of those buried beneath the building seem to enjoy attending events along with the living.

In New Vienna, twenty minutes from Wilmington College, the Snow Hill Country Club promotes its “Dinner and a Ghost” event in October. The country club’s 180-year-old history is discussed over dinner, and a person can even stay overnight. Ghosts are said to appear in photographs taken at the club, and the main hotel is said to have strange occurrences.

On Wilmington College’s campus is College Hall, the supposed haunting ground of two horses. A legend says a beloved horse that was owned by a man who helped found Wilmington College had died, and upon its death, the men entombed the horse between the second and third floors of the building. The second horse was one that was let in during a student prank that went wrong. The horse became agitated on the top floor of the building and injured itself severely while trying to escape and had to be put down. Some say the sound of hooves can be heard sometimes throughout the halls.

Shown: The entrance of “The Hole”

The most haunted place in Ohio is the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. A little less local, about two hours away from Wilmington, this prison remained in operation until the December of 1990. It has six levels of cells towering over the corridors, and visitors say there is an overwhelming cold vertigo while walking through them. The prison’s most brutal punishment was to be subjected to solitary confinement in “The Hole”. Following a riot, 120 prisoners were confined for 30 days in the Hole, shoved together to fit into only 20 rooms. At least one inmate was murdered during this confinement, and a malevolent energy is said to be felt in the Hole by visitors nowadays.

Without regulated tours, abandoned buildings, old cemeteries, and other supposedly haunted places can be dangerous. Possible trespassing and environmental hazards should be considered when deciding whether or not to visit a haunted site. Ohio contains many haunted locations with tours available, so visit these haunts safely.

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