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Out of the Dust and More: Books Revisited

Throughout the years of one’s life, there are many mediums that can affect someone’s life and their view on life. The number one media for me has been books. Everything from mysteries to fantasies, each one has taught me something about the world around me or myself. However, I find myself revisiting books I read in my adolescence more often than I could’ve imagined. These books are important to me because despite the time that has passed, the lesson I extracted from each page is everlasting.

These books are important to me because despite the time that has passed, the lesson I extracted from each page is everlasting.

Out of the Dust – Set during the Dust Bowl, Billie Jo and her family experience many hardships ranging from poverty to death. Billie Jo, a young girl, seemingly has to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders despite her adolescence. Throughout the course of this book, the reader can expect to experience sadness, shock, anger, happiness and resilience. The wide ranging emotions that Karen Hesse expresses through her stanza form novel is what makes this book timeless.

Walk Two Moons – Over the course of this book the reader goes on a journey with a thirteen year old Salamanca Tree Hiddle. As she tells a story to her grandparents as they travel from Ohio to Idaho, her own story begins to unfold revealing her desire to be reunited with her missing mother. This book is humorous yet it reveals more difficult emotions such as death, heartbreak and abandonment. As the reader flips through each page, it becomes easier and easier to place themselves the the shoes of Salamanca.

The Glass Castle – This memoir follows four siblings as they experience life with their charismatic yet inhibiting parents. Over the course of the book, the reader follows a dysfunctional family that experiences a plethora of hardships, however, between each hardship there is a glimmer of hope. This memoir brings about the importance of family, relationships, and perseverance leaving the reader contemplating life and how despite ones upbringing, there is always hope.

Stories for a Teens Heart – This book differs from the rest entirely as it is comprised of short stories all of which are categorized. Some of the categories include: family, tough times, and character. This book was a major part of my early teenage years because of the rawness the stories provided. I found myself discovering similarities between myself and the various kids who contributed to this book. It was not difficult to read because it was like talking to one of my friends, making it an easy read for any teenager seeking advice or just a good book to read.

All of these books have made me a better person today and for that reason, I will always return to them when I am seeking inspiration or just a reminder that we are all humans who face challenges big and small in our everyday lives. If you’re looking for an easy yet soul-filling book to get you through the stress of finals and the coldest days of winter break, search no more.


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