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Peace Resource Center, Home of Incredible and Important Archives

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photo: images from the extensive historic open archive of the Peace Resource Center

The Peace Resource Center (PRC), the largest archive on Hiroshima and Nagasaki outside of Japan and a friendly work environment for students, has been selected to be part of a month-long photography exhibit in the FotoFocus Biennial of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Migiwa Orimo, artist working for the FotoFocus project at the PRC

Throughout the region, museums, universities and art centers apply to be a part of the FotoFocus exhibit, and the PRC was a perfect fit for the theme, “Open Archive.” Artist Migiwa Orimo will be working with the PRC, the U.S. Airforce Museum and the National Archives, to acquire visuals on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that will be compiled into research-based instillation art.

“Right now I’m visiting [the PRC] to get a scope of the archive, and then I’ll start narrowing it down… into artistic expression,” says Orimo.

The photo exhibition as a whole will express the different forms that archives take, including virtual archives, state-funded archives, and small-scale archives such as the PRC.

“I like the fact that [the archive] is housed in a home, which is very unique and powerful,” says Orimo. “Because it is in a home, everything is on a human scale rather than a state scale. The further you go from the human state, the further you are from responsibility.”

Tanya is working with Wilmington College students to understand what the PRC has to offer through class visits, student employees, educational events, and more.

Orimo says, “It is important for Wilmington College students to know how incredible and important this archive is.”

“It is important for Wilmington College students to know how incredible and important this archive is.”


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