Quakers fight to get in shape

Morgan Smith
Sophomore, Emily Marcum, doing a push-up-jack during “The Program”

Feel the burn. Smell the sweat. See the results. It’s a new semester and Quakers are hitting it off by hitting the gym. Even though Wilmington students no longer have free access to the Clinton County Family YMCA, there are great new options for staying fit on campus. Over the summer, renovations were made to Herman Court to update the facility as well as the programs offered there. Among spinning classes and racquetball courts, there is one class in particular creating a buzz.

“The Program” is challenging students to push their bodies to new limits. Instructor Gary Massie offers two classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings- one at 7:30p.m. and a second class at 8:30p.m. The classes run for seven weeks, therefore if you’ve missed the first set, another will begin on Tuesday October 2 and will end the week before final exams. If the P90X/Insanity style of exercise sounds intimidating, don’t be alarmed. The Underground is open 7a.m. to 1a.m., and according to senior Stephanie Graham, students are definitely taking advantage of its long hours. Stephanie, who works in the Underground, noticed that at the end of the spring 2012 semester the influx of students was tapering off. She said, “Now it’s a new year; people are trying to get back in shape.” The number of students at the facility in the basement of Pyle Center has increased not only due to the new school term but the lack of open gym hours at Herman Court. As Stephanie stated, the in-season sports use the weight room most often, leaving non-athletes or off-season athletes to find another spot. Stephanie also put the word out that The Wellness and Health Promotions Committee (WHPC) is searching for a Zumba instructor to teach the Latin-inspired fitness dance classes in the Underground. WHPC may also buy a Kinect device and fitness games to go with it so students can have a different kind of workout experience. In addition to their cardio equipment, free weights and weight machines, the Underground also offers Yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Wherever you choose to exercise, you are bound to find other Quakers striving for their next goals to get in shape.

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