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Search for president closes

Mackenzie Potter
Staff Writer

Search for president ends

Following the announcement from the Wilmington Board of Trustees search for the colleges’ search for the 18th president, nominations and applications were accepted for potential candidates. The four potential Wilmington College presidents have all recently visited campus and met with current students, faculty, and staff members. These candidates are Jim Reynolds, Virginia Horvath, Jem Spectar, and Richard Dunsworth. Student body president, Quatez Scott, elected twelve Wilmington College students to represent the student body in meeting and getting to know the applicants.

“I thought it was important for the students to have a say in who was going to be the next president on campus,” said Isaac Garrison.

Along with Garrison, students Abby Helterbrand, Kelsey O’Day, Katie Linder, Nick Huffman, and Victoria Burcham had the opportunity to meet the president, interview them,  and learn more about each of their individual goals for the college. 

“Each candidate brought something unique to the table,” said Garrison.

The students involved in the selection process each developed a specific question for every candidate, and then submitted their personal opinion on who they felt best fit the position. 

“This search has been going on since last Spring. I’m not happy that the search has come to an end, but I am anxious to see who the trustees have selected. Either way, he or she will have our full support,” said Quatez Scott.

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