Saturday, 20/4/2019 | 4:44 UTC-4
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Security Camera Debate Occurring Among Students

Recently there has been a string of vandalism toward student cars on campus. Many students are adamant that the college needs to put up security cameras pointed toward parking lots. Student posts on the WC app have even led President Jim to join the conversation.

The original post by Tylor Cooper sparked the debate.


Other students have shared testimonies regarding their cars being vandalized.

The dilemma has also sparked debate on proper uses of the app and ways in which students can create positive change.

Jim issued responses to several posts being made.

Tylor Cooper stated through a further app post that his intention was to make the issue heard for future students. Students continue to have varying opinions on the subject and how it may be dealt with. It is evident that all parties want the problem to be solved with the resources that are available.



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