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Senior Spotlight: Mitchell Pfaltzgraf and Brittany Montgomery

Mitchell Pfaltzgraf

Mitchell Pfaltzgraf, majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and psychology, is originally from Pickerington, Ohio, and started at WC in 2014.

After graduation, Mitchell is looking for marketing jobs and internships this summer and beyond. He has been applying to grad school for sports journalism and broadcasting.

Mitchell’s largest involvement on campus has been joining the fraternity Sigma Zeta and holding presidency for a year. “Joining Sigma Zeta [is my best experience.] My brothers are one of the main reasons I loved to stay here. Also being in a Greek organization opened me up to a lot of amazing people and experiences I wouldn’t have had if I had not joined one,” he shared.

Mitchell’s advice for underclassmen is to “Get involved and be yourself. I know I was only involved in one organization but I was very involved but if I had the choice I would go back and maybe look into one or two more to get involved with outside of Greek life. It really just makes your experience here so much better and helps you learn a lot about yourself.”

“Get involved and be yourself. It really just makes your experience here so much better and helps you learn a lot about yourself.”

Brittany Montgomery

Brittany Montgomery, a senior majoring in Criminal Justice, came into Wilmington with the class of 2014. Originally from Cincinnati, she plans on becoming a licensed courtroom interpreter for the deaf. “[I want] to give those who feel they don’t have a voice one, shared Brittany. “When I took an ASL (American Sign Language) course, I grew to love the language and I realized that there is a whole community out there who uses this language as the main means of communication.”

During her time as a student, she has been a resident assistant, a peer mentor, a member of the Black Student Initiative, an Orientation Welcome Leader, a sign language tutor, and the president of “It’s On Us” to advocate against sexual assault. Some of the most important elements to each of these roles has been her ability to connect students to one another and support those in need.

With graduation around the corner, Birttany reflected: “The time is near where I finally get to walk down the aisle, accompanied by fellow classmates who have worked just as hard as I have to get to this moment, yet I’ve been told that the sensation of relief and accomplishment will only last for a few days before I comprehend that this is not just merely the end of my college life, but the beginning of real life.”

The two experiences that stood out to Brittany wer being crowned Homecoming Queen for Fall 2017 and joining her sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated. “Joining my sorority was the highlight of my senior year because I finally got a chance to be a part of an organization that not only helps me with my success, but also helps me grow as an individual and sister to women from all over,” she shared.

Brittany’s shares advice to underclassmen: “It’s okay to change majors and to explore your passion because it may change. YOU will change, so be willing to give your own self a chance to learn who you really are. Branch out and meet new people, DIFFERENT people who aren’t quite like you because you never know who you can connect with. I hope my best friend Brandi James don’t mind me sharing, but I actually thought she was weird the first time I met her at freshman orientation bowling. What I’m saying is that you need to give people a chance before you start assuming who they are. Brandi James is truly a blessing in my life and I would have truly missed out on a genuine friendship/ sisterhood if I would have let my first impression thoughts of her get the best in me.

“My finally advice to you is to not be afraid to express who you are! All of the time I see students trying to change who they are to fit in. DO NOT DO THAT, EVER. Embrace who you are because you are beautiful and you will meet others who are just like you with the same beliefs, goofy habits and interests but don’t EVER be afraid to be who you are.

All of the time I see students trying to change who they are to fit in. DO NOT DO THAT, EVER.”

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