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Seniors Value Honors Program at Wilmington College

After years of learning and experiences, seniors are now able to display their accomplishments and begin their journey into the next phase of life. It is not different for the seniors in the Wilmington College Honors Program, a program designed to enrich the academic experience of qualified students. On April 26 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in CSA 304, honors seniors participated in the Senior Capstone Presentation, which included papers and hands-on learning experiences that have reflected their honors experience and their studies at WC.

Travis Scheadler presenting his senior capstone.

Travis Scheadler, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, explored attitudes toward gender discrimination in sports in his presentation. “My involvement in the Honors program has helped me become more understanding of social issues and has helped me hold myself accountable for doing something to promote social justice and equality,” shared Travis. “I believe that my development in the few extra courses has not only brought my attention to different social issues, but it has provided me with a few extra ‘tools’ to combat these issues.”

The seniors presented to Michael Snarr, the current director of the program, and other members of the campus community. Seniors were Tiffany Scheadler, Lila Kincaid, Sarah Holtzclaw, Carly Pritchard, Abby Engelhart, Samantha Glish, Mathew Hursey, Maraya Wahl, Cody Nash, Travis Scheadler, Ashley Wilson and Tara Karnes.

Tiffany Scheadler, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry, presented on gene expression in a tapeworm and how it plays a role in aging and longevity of the worm. “The Honors program has challenged me as a student to go above and beyond expectations from just sitting in a classroom,” said Tiffany. “It has allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills, leadership skills, commitment to community service, and so on, and because of that, I am thankful.”

The honors program offers supplemental learning opportunities that are not provided to the overall student population, such as honors sections of the core courses, interdisciplinary seminars, the senior project, and various non-credit enrichment activities. Students must maintain a 3.3 GPA to continue in the program each year.

Matt Hursey beginning his presentation.

Matt Hursey, majoring in Agriculture and Political Science, presented on his hands-on experience in assisting Sam Stratman teach the TR291 Political Advocacy Practicum class. “I feel that the Honors Program really enriched my experience, made sure that academics were always a priority and [made sure] that the standards the Honors Program held me to exemplify Wilmington’s core value of excellence,” shared Matt. “Michael Snarr was a really great mentor and friend to me, and always pushed me to try new things and to get involved in many worthwhile pursuits.”

Cody Nash, majoring in Agricultural Business and minoring in Business Administration, presented on different value-added products that his family dairy farm can begin to produce. Cody said, “The [honors] program helped emphasize community service over my 4 years at Wilmington. I was introduced to SugarTree Ministries when I was a freshman in an Honors class by another program member and continued to serve there for all 4 years. Serving at SugarTree has been a great influence in my life and wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t a member of the Honors program.”

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