Service on campus is bigger than the student

The staff of Grow Food, Grow Hope, back left to front right: Rachel King, Betsie Sweet, Amy Volz, Meghan Otto, Sarah Bachman, Bernadette Gallagher, Michelle Kerschner and Tara Lydy. Ken Lydy is in the very back.

Quatez Scott
Staff Writer

A couple of weeks ago, the Wilmington College community welcomed Happy Johnson as the first issues and artist speaker of this year. His message to college students was very simple: service.

As college students, it can be very easy to worry about the classes you have coming up, assignments, or sports and other activities that you may participate in. The real question is, what are you doing when you are not doing those things?

“While life is good and life is great, life is best while serving others,” said Johnson.

Since the departure of DHL from the city of Wilmington, local residents and students have felt the effects of the aftermath. Loss of jobs and the declination of economy are all but evident. The college has pressed to do more service than it has ever done before. That process started two years ago when the “Grow Food, Grow Hope” initiative was brought on to campus. This program is used to teach local residents how to grow their own food and teaches them to become more sustainable.

“It (community service) helps students touch base with the local community,” said Kevin Wall, a Wilmington College senior.

One thing to take away from service to the community is that it is a selfless act that can only be done by selfless people.

“We’re in a small community and it’s a small community value,” said junior Abby Helterbrand.

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