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Serving Up Ways to Fundraise

Shown: Tournament Winner, Team “Cody Sux”

On Oct.11, the Relay for Life Committee hosted another fundraiser as a precursor to “Paint the Campus Purple” week. The fundraiser was a sand volleyball tournament, and approximately eight teams were in attendance. The atmosphere at the event was thrilling; many people showed up to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The duration of the event topped two hours. In these few hours, both fun, playful remarks towards other teams and penguin dives were had by all. The competition was fierce, but in a positive, loving way.

The Relay for Life Committee raised around $65 thanks to those who participated and supported the event. The winning team, named  “Cody Sux,” won the overall tournament. The members of “Cody Sux” included: Wil Overholt, Tino Poma, Tyler Schnitzler, Chase Menchofer, Kaleb Hubner, and Parker Blumberg.

The Relay for Life Committee will be hosting several more events this week as “Relay for Life” takes place on October 20, 2018.

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