SGA elections to be held Tuesday and Wednesday

Dylan Swormstedt
Staff Writer

The Student Government Association elections are right around the corner.  Students can submit their votes in Pyle Center during lunch and dinner on Tuesday, February 19 and Wednesday, February 20.

The candidates for each position are as follows: Student Body PresidentGus Sevastos (junior) and Jamie Crane (sophomore), Vice President- Nate Godby (junior), VP of Finance- Corbin Hellwarth (junior), VP of Administration- Morgan Smith (junior), VP of Faculty, Alumni, & Trustee Relations- Ellen Short (sophomore), Joe Njeru (freshman), and Louis Williams (freshman), VP of Elections- Emily Marcum (sophomore), VP of Public Relations- Rebekah Muchmore (junior). Of these candidates, Sevastos and Crane were interviewed to get a better understanding of their intentions for the year, if they were to be elected as Student Body President.

Gus Sevastos emphasized the idea of “self-improvement” and a desire to take on more responsibilities as his reasons for running. He also wants to be in a position to help and guide those presenting issues or to find someone that can assist them.

“I’ll be there in a way that’s constructive for both of us,” said Sevastos.

Sevastos said there is a need for better communication between the housing department and students.

“If a student wants an air conditioner in their room there needs to be a better way to communicate the cost and make it less difficult to attain one (aside from medical conditions requiring an A/C unit),” said Sevastos.

He also noted that Sodexo’s contract will be up soon and that students should have more of a say when it comes to their meal choices.  He also brought up the idea of coordinating with local restaurants about possible meal plan additions/arrangements.

“I’d like to see Wilmington College and the community work together,” explained Sevastos.

As for what he thinks could make him a good fit for the Student Body President, he replied, “I’m a good communicator, very approachable, and if a concern is expressed I’ll invest in what they have to say.”

Sevastos also enforced the idea of being active with issues and helping to find some middle ground between students and administration.

Second Interview (Crane) – When asked why she was running for the SGA presidency, Jamie Crane is currently the VP of Public Relations for Student Government. If she is elected to Student Body President, she said, “I’d like to focus on hearing what the students want, while coordinating with the faculty.”

She also expressed that she wanted more responsibility in regards to student life.  When asked what she would like to change, Crane emphasized a couple things:

“First, I want the students to be plugged in with the IT department to ensure better communication between the two sides,” said Crane.

“I also feel that Wilmington College needs to be more transparent with student spending (tuition). For example: what the money is going toward, what is being improved, and what the activity fee is for,” said Crane.

She was then asked what traits she possesses that would make her a good fit for Student Body President.

“I’m driven, I know when things need to be done, and I’m very motivated to improve things,” said Crane.

Crane also pointed out that she wants to focus on opening the lines of communication between students, faculty, and administration.

Once elected, the term for each position will begin following spring break on March 11, 2013.  So get out and vote, folks.  The future of the SGA is counting on you.


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