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SGA: What They Discussed on September 3

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted its weekly open meeting today. All members of the Wilmington College community are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings as it is a direct form of communication to the student government.  

Approximately 8 people attended the meeting. They represented SGA, Sodexo, and The Witness.

Below are the topics presented by the SGA board of the Sept. 3 meeting:

Cody Martin, the vice president of administration, had nothing to report.

Chase Menchofer, the vice president of faculty, alumni, and trustees, reported that he is still in the process of making instruction labels for the outdoor light switches. 

Chris Zody, the vice president of SGA, was absent.

Nate Johnson, the vice president of finance, reported that a mandatory budget meeting will take place both on Wednesday and Thursday. Organization presidents and treasurers are required to attend. If a club does not send their representatives, then their organization’s account will be frozen. 

Logan Schroer, the vice president of elections, reported that the Homecoming banner contest has the theme of “board games.” Homecoming nominations will begin tomorrow and end Thursday; SGA will be tabling during lunch and dinner. Elections will take place on Sept. 10 and 11 during lunch and dinner.

Wil Overholt, the vice president of public relations, reported that the Homecoming shirt design has been confirmed. The shirts will be on sale soon for $5. 

Kameron Rinehart, the president of SGA, reported that there will be a mandatory WC App training in the upcoming weeks to discuss how to use an organization’s page. SGA has received the applications for the Student Senate; the Review Committee comprised of faculty, staff, and an SGA representative will select the senators for each major. Student planners are still available. Organizations may submit content for the Pyle Center TV by emailing Wil Overholt a JPEG file; all content must be approved by Randy Sarvis, Ashleigh Wellman, and Student Affairs before broadcasting.

Sigrid Solomon, SGA’s adviser, was absent.

Other topic points presented by non-SGA attendees include:

The Org Fair table contest winners include E.S.S.A., Amnesty International, and the Theatre Department. 

A Sodexo representative asked for feedback regarding the service that Sodexo provides. They shared that Sept. 5 will feature multiple meal events, one being Wicked Wings. No additional charges will be applied as previous years have seen. Ready to eat hot food will be available at To-Go. Sodexo is currently working on offering Red Bull at Sandella’s and the new marketplace. SGA is still working with Sodexo to establish a composting program.

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