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SGA: What was Discussed on Oct. 22

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted its weekly open meeting on Tuesday. All members of the Wilmington College community are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings as it is a direct form of communication to the student government.  

Approximately ten people attended the meeting. They represented SGA, APB, Sodexo, and The Witness.

Below are the topics presented by the SGA board of the Oct. 22 meeting:

Kaleb Hubner, the vice president of administration, was absent.

Chase Menchofer, the vice president of faculty, alumni, and trustees, reported that the Food Service Committee is looking for more people to participate in its meetings and discussions. 

Chris Zody, the vice president of SGA, reported that the Student Senate will have a meeting after the SGA open meeting. The Publications Board will be revamped starting in November. Kameron Rinehart said that SGA will vote on changes to the SGA constitution and that the plan for the Publications Board is that it will consist of the student body vice president (they will serve as the chairperson), representation from The Witness and The Quake, a faculty member, and a staff member. The Woodhouse will no longer be represented as it is outside of SGA jurisdiction.

Nate Johnson, the vice president of finance, had nothing to report.

Logan Schroer, the vice president of elections, had nothing to report.

Wil Overholt, the vice president of public relations, reported that there would be an SGA forum that night in the T.O.P. The scrolling announcements in Pyle Center are available to all on-campus groups. Overholt will use the SGA Instagram account to post spotlights on all of the Student Senate members that submitted materials. 

Rinehart, the president of SGA, reported that SGA needs help monitoring The Underground for broken equipment. SGA has paper available for the Pyle Center printer—if the printer runs out, the user should contact SGA for more paper. Two tower gardens in the T.O.P. have been planted and are growing produce. The others will be planted in the upcoming weeks. 

Sigrid Solomon, SGA’s adviser, reported thanks to the students who opened their rooms up to tours for the board of trustees.

Other topic points presented by non-SGA attendees include:

APB will be hosting a tie-dye event on Friday. The Renaissance Festival trip has been rescheduled for this Saturday. A trip to Twisted Trails at Camp Kirkwood is also scheduled for this weekend. 

A Sodexo representative asked for feedback regarding the service that Sodexo provides. Sodexo is working with SGA to bring composting to campus. Sodexo received an invoice from the composting company that was higher than anticipated. SGA has decided to not move forward with the project and company because of the price. Instead, they are looking into other options.

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