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Should I Go Greek?

Students have probably been asking themselves this question since attending Wilmington College. There is no doubt that Greek Life has a prominent role here on campus. With Greek bowling behind and spring rushes just around the corner, some students just don’t know if it’s right for them.

Current members of the fraternities and sororities on campus share why they chose to GO GREEK and how it has impacted them!

Tau Kappa Beta

Tau Kappa Beta

Some benefits to going Greek for me is that it really shows brotherhood and how to have great relationships with different types of people from different cultural backgrounds. Being in a fraternity teaches time management and how to be a reliable person for people who need you. Some great experiences I had since joining TKB was staying up all night at a community service event called Cardboard City in the town of Wilmington. We stayed up all night and just had fun even though we were up till five in the morning. Also it is awesome to have such a great relationship with our alumni, great to see people from the 80s and 90s come back and still support us! – Matt Gallagher

Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts

I went Greek to be part of something bigger! I wanted to make a family away from my family! The best part of going Greek is all the relationships I have developed between sororities and fraternities. Also all the memories I have made with my sisterhood! – Nikki Northern

Delta Theta Sigma Lil’ Sis

I joined Greek life to gain a family on campus, lifelong friends, and connections that will last a lifetime. My brothers and sisters have my back no matter what life throws at me. I couldn’t be more thankful to have 40 people standing behind me every step of the way. – Emily Brautigam

Sigma Zeta

Sigma Zeta

I joined Greek Life because of all the opportunities it provided. It gave me a chance to connect with a lot of people that I probably wouldn’t have. The best thing that has happened since I’ve gone Greek is the fact that I got to join Greek Council Executive Board. It’s really given me a chance to enhance Wilmington College’s Greek Life. – Mathew Perry

Delta Omega Theta

I feel like joining a Greek organization is something that can completely change your life. People should go Greek to find their family on campus and find their home. I went Greek because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, get more involved on campus, and when I went to Delt Rush my freshman year I had a great time and knew that was right where I belonged. The best thing about going Greek for me has been the Greek community at WC as a whole, and the relationships I have built with others. I have my sorority of course, but then I have become close with other Greek organizations, as well. The Greek community is its own inside the Wilmington College community. – Kylie Walker

Members of Psi Beta Omega

Psi Beta Omega

The reason why I went Greek is because I never had anything to do on the weekends because I live so far away from home. I can’t go home all the time. So I thought I would try a sorority. I found a sorority that fit me and I have loved it ever since I have joined. The best thing since going Greek would be making all the lifelong friendships with my sisters and knowing no matter what they always have my back. – Adrianna Hibbard

Kappa Delta
During my first semester here on campus I joined Kappa Delta, for many reasons. I never intended to join Greek life when I came to college, but I am so glad I did. When I went to recruitment I knew I found my home in Kappa Delta. I instantly connected with this group of confident, intelligent, and kind women who held the same morals and values that I held, as well as made Greek life seem like an opportunity that I could not pass up. The best thing for me, since going Greek, is the connections and networks I have made through Wilmington’s Greek life. Not only have I made lifelong friendships in the Greek community, but I also have established networks with Greeks on and off of this campus that have helped me achieve opportunities I otherwise might not have had. The best thing about Greek life, for me, is that even though we all wear different letters we are all a part of one big community. – Kara Griffith
Kappa Delta

Lambda Chi Alpha

I went Greek because of the network of people it provides, when I joined lambda chi I was just expecting to get close to my brothers, but the best part about going Greek is that we all are one big community and I’ve met so many people from other fraternities and sororities. It has made my experience here at Wilmington unforgettable. – Sean Drew

Alpha Phi Kappa

Members of Alpha Phi Kappa

I went Greek because I wanted to feel more connected to the college and the community surrounding the college. I also wanted to feel like a had a home, a family, at school. A place that I felt safe coming back to. The best thing, to me, since going Greek are all of the memories that I have with my sisters and brothers here on campus as well as our alumni. It is always a great time when we sit around the Kappa house or Sig and just talk about all of the funny things we have said or did together that have brought us all so close. – Jayme Mabry

Delta Theta Sigma

I decided to go Greek because I wanted to be apart of something and not spend the next four years of my college career sitting in a dorm room. I was drawn to Delta Theta Sigma for their Agricultural background, and because I had alumni from back home encouraging that I should join. My best memories with the fraternity are working our livestock shows, and traveling to National Conclave. My biggest suggestion to anyone that’s thinking about joining Greek life is to go for it, it gives you a place and people to come back to for years to come and they will be some of the best friends of your life no matter what their letters are. – Mason Thoma

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.

The reason I went Greek is because living in Ohio all my family has moved away and sometimes I feel all alone here and I chose to go Greek because they have the similar family beliefs and I also did it to better myself by giving back to the community. I love my Fraternity and looking forward into the future I established bonds that will last a life time. I know if I need anything I call can any one of my BRUHS from around the country and they will have my back. I wanted more then the local Greek life I wanted to be apart something bigger than me and I felt that I made the right decision. I love my Greek family and I couldn’t be any more happy. – Jeremiah Armstrong

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