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STALL STREET JOURNAL March 2013 [ A WEEKLY DOSE OF KNOWLEDGE ] Volume 8, Issue 7, Week 1

IN THIS MONTH’S ISSUE OF STUDENT HEALTH 101: The Five Elements of Fitness

Incorporate New Strategies to Maximize Results.



Lingo & Buzzwords

an age of marketing gimmicks, restaurant

started to abuse this term to describe their expensive menu items.

“Fresh” usually means your veggies came from a field, not a can, but may have been frozen.

“Generous” is a nice way of telling you that your portion will be much larger than necessary.

“Homestyle” or “homemade” are usually used when someone is trying to gussy up a not-so- healthy comfort food with thoughts of Mom. If you see “Homestyle mashed potatoes,” you can be sure that the chef is playing with your heart strings so you will forget about the 1/2 lb. of butter that was used.

The most pervasive menu buzzword has to be “Lite.” Used to describe almost anything, it’s usually something artificially sweetened or thickened, with less fat or sugar. Promoted as a healthy option, the food may be bland, fake- tasting, and still unhealthy.


menus can read like ancient Aramaic. Here are some common examples of cryptic menu lingo:

“Roasted” means it wasn’t fried in a pan with a big splash of butter or oil. “Artisanal” means something handmade to a standard of great quality. Careful though: fast-food chains have

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