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Students Lobby for a Just Immigration System in D.C.

photo: Students of Wilmington College lobbying to their representative

Every spring, students from a variety of backgrounds venture to the heart-stirring city, otherwise known as Washington D.C.. On this journey, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) teaches young adults how to lobby their representatives using moral arguments and cold hard facts. This year, SLW occurred March 17 to 20 to fight for a just immigration system.

This year’s trip was organized by a Wilmington College student who is dedicated to making a positive change. Emma Marks, a Political Science and Agricultural Communications double major, organized a trip for twenty-five Wilmington College students. Emma began working on this trip last year with Michael Snarr, professor of Political Science. When asked why she wanted to participate in Spring Lobby Weekend Emma conveyed, “I started attending Spring Lobby Weekend because I thought it was crucial to translate my beliefs into action.”

“I started attending Spring Lobby Weekend because I thought it was crucial to translate my beliefs into action” – Emma Marks

Aside from gathering all of the information from the student’s, Emma also scheduled over twenty lobbying meetings with various representatives. Emma shared, “Overall, organizing a trip like this requires persistence and organization.”

Emma Marks

As mentioned before, approximately twenty Wilmington College students went on this trip of a lifetime. Six of the twenty students participated in professor Sam Stratman’s lobbying class to learn the proper craft that comes along with being a successful lobbyist. Hannah Davis, a freshman Political Science and Exercise Science double major, was one of the six students to benefit from the teachings of professor Sam Stratman. Hannah shared, “I think his class is the majority of the reason why I knew so much about the topic. I would recommend the class to all first time lobbyist.”

Hannah and a few other students had the pleasure of lobbying in the office of Brad Wenstrup. “I felt that the meeting went very well: the staffer was really engaged in the conversation and expressed his support for helping DACA recipients stay in America,” Hannah shared.

The trip would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication from Emma Marks, professor Michael Snarr, professor Sam Stratman, and our gracious host FCNL. DACA is immensely important and that is why we need to immediately enact a pathway to citizenship for DREAMERs, without hurting families or border communities.

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