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Students Operate Collegiate Farmers’ Market

This past week, I was able to catch up with some of the agriculture students who are hosting a weekly Farmers’ Market, where they are selling the freshest organic produce Wilmington College has to offer!

Managed by Molly Scroggy, a veteran of the college farm, she said, “this is an amazing opportunity to get out and support a local community cause by buying fresh, healthy, and organic produce”.

This farmers’ market is run by the Agriculture 350 class and what they sell comes directly from the previous Horticulture classes, which is pretty exciting as they are selling the produce they worked all summer to grow!

Allison Crouch said, “You get to learn a lot about the business side of a farmers market by putting in your time here and selling all the vegetables that have been grown. It’s a lot of work but if definitely pays off in the long run!”

By taking the AG350 class, you gain 2 credit hours and a truck load of experience and fun times! The agriculture students would like to remind the college community that the prices are “dirt cheap” and worth every cent, and it’s so fun to get out and choose your own produce and see where the food actually came from! Plus, it is an excellent opportunity to pick out your own watermelon!

The farmers’ market is every Wednesday from 4:15pm to 5:45pm at the college farm out at the Fife building. The market will continue until October 3rd, so get out there and grab some food before it is too late!


(Shown in top image from left to right: Allison Crouch, Kayle Mast, Eliza Hershberger, Molly Scroggy, and Sammi Burchwell)

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