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Spring is quickly approaching, and the students at Wilmington College have a lot to look forward to.  Many are traveling to seek warm weather and a beach to flop on, some are searching for career opportunities, and others are looking forward to graduation.

Abby Knapp is a senior double majoring in English and Economics.  She is a member of the honors program, and is involved with the Wilmington College theatre department and is a member of STAND.  Knapp also is currently pledging the sorority Delta Omega Theta.

“Spring is my favorite season,” said Knapp, “I love the smell of the flowers and how the warm weather makes me feel so alive.” Knapp continued, “Besides graduation I am most looking forward to living my last semester in Wilmington to the fullest.  I really enjoy my friends and will hopefully have new sorority sisters very soon.”

Junior Alaina Hovey is double majoring in Psychology and Equine studies. Hovey is involved in many organizations on campus. She is an active member of the sorority Alpha Phi Kappa, she is on the equine Hunt Seat team, and a member of The Fightin’ Quakers women’s swim team.

“The main thing I am looking forward to this spring is the warm weather.   I also love to ride horses in the spring breeze.  That’s definitely one of my favorite hobbies.   I am looking forward to hanging out and relaxing with my sorority sisters, and fraternity brothers,” said Hovey.

Senior Graphic Design and Photography major, Kelsey Sullivan is doing something a little different this spring. She will be breathing in the spring air on top of the Eiffel Tower.

“I am so excited for spring break. I’m going to Paris, Amsterdam, and London. I’ve never been to Europe so this is thrilling new experience that I will remember by whole life,” Sullivan explained.

Junior Brooklyn Johnston is majoring in Animal Science.  She is a member of Delta Theta Sigma Lil Sis. Johnston has also worked for the Wilmington College Physical Plant.

“I am going on a trip to Myrtle Beach with several other Wilmington College students. I can’t be more excited to trade books for beach,” said Johnston.

Spring will come and go quickly for us all. Here is a poem by Alex Fischer to get you in the mood.


Spring! How beautiful is the
Spring! How wonderful is the
Spring! How majestic is the
Spring! How fantastic is the
Spring! How tantalizing is the
Spring! How glorious is the
Spring! How melodious is the
Spring! How joyful is the
Spring! How breathtaking is the
Spring! How uplifting the
Spring! How happy is the
Spring! How magnificent is the
Spring! How colorful is the
Spring! How tasteful is the
Spring! How memorable was the
Spring! How flavorful is the
Spring! How aromic is the
Spring! How sweet is
Spring! How beautiful is the

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