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The Controversial FCC Survey of Media Outlets

Taylor L. Turner Political Writer Recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has suspended their plan to conduct a study on America’s newsrooms.  The study, intended to assess if newsrooms met the “critical information needs” of the public, has created constitutional debate.  FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn stated that the survey is essential for determining the needs of individuals in “varied and vibrant communities” of the nation and that a “complete picture of the media landscape” is needed for determining policy adjustments. The study would particularly focus on whether media reporting effectively…

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The State of the Union

Taylor L. Turner Staff Writer On Tuesday, January 28, President Obama addressed the nation in the second State of the Union address of his second term. Although the President delivered the speech with his characteristic high- spirited gusto, the content of the speech was largely reminiscent of last year’s address. As with the 2013 State of the Union address, the President vowed to create new opportunities for American entrepreneurs by reforming the tax system and by cutting regulations that move manufacturing jobs overseas. In addition, President Obama pledged to invest…

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The Return of Jack Bauer: Why America Needs 24 Right Now

By Gus Sevastos Editorial America hasn’t been in the best of shape lately, and it seems like the last nine months have put the country through some of the worst tragedies it has ever seen. Some are natural disasters, others something far more sinister. With the recent attacks on Boston, it seems that the threat of terrorism has returned just as we were starting to come to terms with September 11th. Things aren’t so great, and we need something to remind us that eventually everything will be okay.  That is…

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