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Survey on Campus Social Media

Maraya Wahl Staff Writer Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Skype:  the list goes on.  These multiple forms of communication – all summed as social media – are of more significance in the world in which we live than we tend to realize.  People are influenced every day by some form of communication apart from person-to-person contact.  From Facebook groups to Twitter pages to emails, there are multiple tools used to let people know about information and on-campus activities.  Each person varies in which form they prefer, but these are the most…

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Expressing Worship through Art at the Wilmington House of Prayer

Maraya Wahl Staff Writer      Wednesday November 6, Wilmington College’s Christian campus ministry – known as Chi Alpha – participated in a worship session known as “worship through art” at the Wilmington House of Prayer (WHOP).  Each week there are different ways to express worship through a type of art activity.  This Wednesday there was a still-life figure for people to sketch, as well as music playing and different passages read from The Holy Bible.  Freshman Ali Hayes, a member of Chi Alpha, shares, “We go to WHOP every Wednesday night from…

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