Sunday, 24/2/2019 | 5:35 UTC-5
The Witness Newspaper
  • An Open Letter About Greek Life, Integrity, and Doing What Is Right

    Gus Sevastos Editorial             This is not going to be an examination of the incident at the Gobbler house on Halloween. This is not going to be an article defending what may or may not have happened, or even defending Greek Life as something that people outside of it may not understand. I’m not going

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  • Westheimer Highlights Activist Lisa Shannon

    Ashley Fox Staff Writer              Wilmington College’s Westheimer Peace Symposium enlightened students, faculty, and community members on the topic of “Africa’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Nonviolent Solutions”. Among the guest speakers hosted at the event was Lisa Shannon who shared her experiences of exploration and activism for Congolese women. The humanitarian crisis of the Congo

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  • Press Release: ODMH Director Tracy Plouck and Local Leaders Discuss Benefits of Extending Medicaid Coverage

      Wilmington, OH – Today, local and state leaders came together in Wilmington to discuss the benefits of extending Medicaid coverage to those with income up to 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL).   By extending Medicaid benefits, many individuals needing treatment services for both physical and behavioral health disorders will have coverage for their treatment.   Proposed changes

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  • Food for thought: Wilmington College and the buy local question

    Gus Sevastos Editorials, Staff Writer   Starting a business is difficult, especially for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Clinton County. Chris Schock, Executive Director of the Clinton County Regional Planning Committee, said, “We [Clinton County] currently have the lowest percentage of locally owned businesses than we have in years past.” Since the 2008

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  • Community profile: Denise Stryker

    Morgan Smith Editor   In just the last year, the Clinton County Homeless Shelter has served 45,000 meals to 298 area residents, 48 of which were children. With 5 full-time and 4 part-time staff members and a $315 thousand operating budget, the shelter works to alleviate homelessness and its effects on individuals in the community.

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  • Keeping GFGH sustainable

    Dominique Parks Staff Writer   Wilmington College is known throughout the community for having a rich Quaker heritage which runs through the veins of the campus. One of Wilmington College’s core values is Service and Civic Engagement. The Center for Civic for Service & Civic Engagement is the pure embodiment of this core value. The

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