Saturday, 20/4/2019 | 5:15 UTC-4
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  • Spring Lobbying Trip

    Maraya Wahl Staff Writer   After sitting in a classroom, hearing facts and reading information, having a real experience can bring all the learning to life. One of the privileges of being a college student is the accessibility to the real-life trips that can expose people to the world in which they will live and

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  • Highlights of the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference

    Taylor L. Turner Staff Writer Last Saturday, March 8th, concluded the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Washington D.C.  The Conference’s speakers delivered passionate addresses filled with pointed and astute criticisms of the President’s leadership. Kentucky Senator and Straw Poll winner Rand Paul delivered a fiery speech calling for Americans to restore “lovers

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  • Students Lobby Congressman Stiver’s Office

    Maraya Wahl Staff Writer In preparation for the Washington D.C. lobbying trip occurring March 22 through 25, a group of Wilmington College students made their own lobbying trip to Congressman Steve Stiver’s office located in downtown Wilmington. The course, led by Professor Michael Snarr, is training students for lobbying in D.C., whether through learning new

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  • The State of the Union

    Taylor L. Turner Staff Writer On Tuesday, January 28, President Obama addressed the nation in the second State of the Union address of his second term. Although the President delivered the speech with his characteristic high- spirited gusto, the content of the speech was largely reminiscent of last year’s address. As with the 2013 State

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