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Westheimer Highlights Activist Lisa Shannon

Ashley Fox Staff Writer              Wilmington College’s Westheimer Peace Symposium enlightened students, faculty, and community members on the topic of “Africa’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Nonviolent Solutions”. Among the guest speakers hosted at the event was Lisa Shannon who shared her experiences of exploration and activism for Congolese women. The humanitarian crisis of the Congo is of the worst rape pandemic and sexual slavery account to ever exist in recorded history. The lives of over 5.4 million people have been taken away from this forgotten crisis since the year of…

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What Spring Break really means

  Editorial Scott Duncan   Wilmington, Ohio —As we look around we can see the subtleties of spring approaching.  The birds are returning to the north as the frigid winter snow turns into rain showers.  The hours of daylight are slowly increasing and baseball teams have started their training again.  While spring blooms, a century old tradition observed by young people worldwide, known as Spring Break, is set to begin.  At Wilmington College some will head to the warm sandy beaches of Florida for a week of relaxation and scholastic…

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