Friday, 22/2/2019 | 7:54 UTC-5
The Witness Newspaper
  • Greek Rush Schedule Fall 2013

    Bekah Muchmore Staff Writer Attention everyone: Rush for all Greeks is finally here. Rush is a time for potential new members to meet one another and see if they would be a good fit in each organization. Greeks want to meet you and the only way they can is by having everyone come and get

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  • Circleville hosts annual Pumpkin Show

    Cameron Schwalbach Staff Writer   The Circleville Pumpkin Show is an annual event that occurs throughout the week of October 15, in downtown Circleville, Ohio. Called the greatest free show on earth, the Pumpkin Show is a big festival filled with food, games, parades, and many other events. People come to see the wide variety

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  • Recipes for the season

    Dani Krabbe, Stephanie Thompson Staff Writers October is a month that brings to mind Football gatherings, keeping warm, and getting creative. When spending time with friends, why not spice things up with a crafty treat? For the month of October check The Witness for new ways to busy up your spare time. Chocolate Nutty Mini-Footballs

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