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Spring Lobbying Trip

Maraya Wahl Staff Writer   After sitting in a classroom, hearing facts and reading information, having a real experience can bring all the learning to life. One of the privileges of being a college student is the accessibility to the real-life trips that can expose people to the world in which they will live and work. After months of preparing, Wilmington College students had the chance to experience Washington D.C. and be involved politically through Spring Lobby Weekend. There were about fifty-one students and faculty members of WC, including President…

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Westheimer to feature nature of war

Morgan Smith Editor     Wednesday October 17 will mark the 22 annual Westheimer Peace Symposium at Wilmington College. The first session begins at 10 a.m. in the Boyd Cultural Arts Center. “I’m always excited about it, “ said Ruth Dobyns, Curator of the Quaker Heritage Center and the Coordinator of the Westheimer Peace Symposium. Dobyns and the rest of the Westheimer planning committee have been meeting since January to organize the events that will take place Wednesday. The committee is comprised of Dobyns, Jim Boland of the Peace Resource…

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