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Senior Superlative: The Five Things You Should Do Before You Graduate College

Gus Sevastos Editorial                   As some of you may not know, my tenure as a Quaker is quickly coming to an end. With my college years nearing their conclusion and the icy cold grasp of the real world upon me, I’ve decided to put together a list not only for the benefit of my fellow seniors, but also for my soon-to-be-seniors and the rest of the student body. Without further to do, the five things you should do before you graduate college:…

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My Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time

Gus Sevastos Editorial              Note: This list is not a definitive, end all-be all. Times change and so do my tastes. However, as of right now, these ten films are my all time favorites, and I don’t see that changing for a while.             Side Note: If you haven’t seen any of these movies, I recommend that you do, as all of them are fantastic. Most of these, to my knowledge, are available at the local First Choice Video, which gives free rentals to students, so do yourself and our…

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