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Recipe: strawberry baseballs

contributed by Danielle Krabbe As everyone knows opening day has come and gone and the baseball season is now in full swing. Hit a home a run this baseball season with these delicious and adorable strawberry treats! Ingredients: White Chocolate Strawberries Red food coloring Method: Rinse strawberries in cold water and pat dry. Note: Do not soak the berries in ice water you won’t be able to dry the strawberry enough and it will cause the chocolate to seize. Melt your white chocolate slowly by boiling slowly, make sure you…

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Fourth annual Food Symposium topic is a ‘natural fit’

Morgan Smith Editor   What can you do with seven thousand pounds of worms, hundreds of yards of compost and a passion for farming? For Will Allen, the answer is a lot. Wilmington College’s Fourth Annual Food Symposium was presented last Wednesday, featuring a pie contest and tasting and a panel discussing the growth, distribution and consumption of food. The night culminated with the keynote address by Will Allen of Growing Power, Inc. Allen discussed the numerous projects he supervises along with the help of volunteers and community members. He…

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