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Greek Games come to an end

Megan Phillips Staff Writer   The fall semester Greek Games have come to an end with the Lambda Chis and Kappa Deltas taking the lead. The games were held on Monday with dodge ball, Tuesday with volleyball, and Wednesday with an eating contest and quiz bowl. The eating contest included McDonald’s double cheeseburgers—the guys had to eat four burgers, while the girls had to eat two. The Lambda Chi and Kappa Deltas took the lead in both dodge ball and volleyball. The Sweethearts and TKB won the eating contest, and…

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Greek Games begin Monday

Megan Phillips Staff Writer   Every year the Greek Organizations on campus partake in what they call “Greek Games.” Each semester the games are different. This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Greek Games will start again. All fraternities and sororities on campus. On Monday, a volleyball tournament will be played at Hermann Court starting at nine. Tuesday’s event is a dodge ball tournament, to be played at the YMCA at 9p.m. On Wednesday, an eating contest and quiz bowl will take place at the top at 9p.m. Next semester, the…

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