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Indoor gardening

Dani Krabbe Human Interest   With the weather getting warmer and the flowers blossoming around Wilmington College campus. If you are a student who might like to have a little of the great outdoors, indoors, here are a few tips on how to take care of a plant inside your home, office, apartment, or even your dorm room. The number one reason house plants end up dying is due to overwatering. The most common indoor plants are cacti and other plants that come from very dry environments. These plants cannot…

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Keeping GFGH sustainable

Dominique Parks Staff Writer   Wilmington College is known throughout the community for having a rich Quaker heritage which runs through the veins of the campus. One of Wilmington College’s core values is Service and Civic Engagement. The Center for Civic for Service & Civic Engagement is the pure embodiment of this core value. The goal for this center is to help students. It is intended to help engage them and to challenge them to take responsibility and action toward common good. This program embraces the Quaker heritage of the…

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