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Wilmington College Celebrates “America Recycles Day”

Ashley Fox Staff Writer             November 15th is a national holiday dedicated to educate and motivate local communities, businesses, schools, and everyday people about the importance of recycling. This holiday is known as “America Recycles Day” and was celebrated here at Wilmington College last Friday. Our College’s Service Leader Executive Chair member for recycling, Hannah Fetters collected pledge cards last Wednesday and Thursday. Students were able to pledge a dedication to reduce, reuse, and recycle however many pounds they thought they could commit to for…

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GFGH fundraises by offering locally grown dinner

Morgan Smith Editor   On Thursday September 20, the AmeriCorps Vistas, Wilmington Alumni, the Advancement Office, Student Life, Sodexo, and countless others came together for the third annual Farm to Table dinner to benefit Grow Food Grow Hope (GFGH). The meal was made by Sodexo, but as for the ingredients, “everything comes from a local farm,” said Janet Renshaw, General Manager. Renshaw was quickly refilling dishes that included local ingredients like the ricotta cheese made by one of Harold Terry’s classes, and locally grown apples that were made into cider….

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Keeping GFGH sustainable

Dominique Parks Staff Writer   Wilmington College is known throughout the community for having a rich Quaker heritage which runs through the veins of the campus. One of Wilmington College’s core values is Service and Civic Engagement. The Center for Civic for Service & Civic Engagement is the pure embodiment of this core value. The goal for this center is to help students. It is intended to help engage them and to challenge them to take responsibility and action toward common good. This program embraces the Quaker heritage of the…

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