Sunday, 24/2/2019 | 5:11 UTC-5
The Witness Newspaper
  • My Culture is Not a Costume

    Arista Roesch Editorial   Picture this: you go to a college campus and see an African-American person with ivory foundation on, blue contacts in, a blonde wig, and a swastika armband. You’d raise an eyebrow and ask what the hell is going on, but they’d just chuckle and say, “Hey, it’s just a costume. It’s for

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  • An Open Letter About Greek Life, Integrity, and Doing What Is Right

    Gus Sevastos Editorial             This is not going to be an examination of the incident at the Gobbler house on Halloween. This is not going to be an article defending what may or may not have happened, or even defending Greek Life as something that people outside of it may not understand. I’m not going

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  • “It’s Carrie!”: Fright Night 2013

    Ashley Fox Witness Staff              Fright Night is an annual event sponsored by APB and co-sponsored by Horrorhound Magazine. This years 18th annual Fright Night celebrated the new Carrie movie by showing the original 1976 Tim Burton production starring Sissy Spacek. The event was on November 1st at 8p.m. following the

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  • Get ready for spirit jugs

    Dani Krabbe and Stephanie Thompson Staff Writers     This is a great way to pass an hour or so on a weekend afternoon in October. You Will Need: clean gallon milk jugs black permanent marker craft knife string of clear low-wattage Christmas lights   Step One: Draw some spooky faces on your milk jugs.

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  • Halloween wreath

    Dani Krabbe & Stephanie Thompson Staff Writers   Here’s a spooky craft that will look great on your dorm room door! What you’ll need: 16-inch Styrofoam floral wreath form (ours is 2 inches thick and 2 1/2 inches wide) 1 yard faux-fur fabric black marker ruler 10 Ping-Pong balls duct tape ball-head pins, 1 inch

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