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Survey on Campus Social Media

Maraya Wahl Staff Writer Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Skype:  the list goes on.  These multiple forms of communication – all summed as social media – are of more significance in the world in which we live than we tend to realize.  People are influenced every day by some form of communication apart from person-to-person contact.  From Facebook groups to Twitter pages to emails, there are multiple tools used to let people know about information and on-campus activities.  Each person varies in which form they prefer, but these are the most…

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Becoming Global Citizens: Honors Program Enrichment Activities

Maraya Wahl Staff Writer      On November 11, a group of honors students went to Austin’s Casual Eatery & Bar followed by listening to and participating in amusic performance at the Murphy Theater.  Known as enrichment activities, honors students have several opportunities to participate in these activities throughout each semester.  This particular performance featured an Ecuadorean band named Andes Manta, four brothers who are natives of the Ecuadorean Andes.      The performance was not only the band playing the native music, but it included a “question and answer” segment where the students…

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