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BSI Presents “No Offense…But”

Ashley Fox Staff Writer On April 15th, the Wilmington College Black Student Initiative (BSI) organization presented it’s 10th annual “No Offense…But” program. Students were able to write down any question they had about the opposite sex, gender, race, or stereotype in Pyle during lunch and dinner hours the week prior to the event. These questions were then presented to a panel of students that represented 8 different categories: Athletes, Greek organizations, Aggies, White/Blacks, LGBT, Cuban/Hispanic, International Students, and Multicultural students. The program was held from 7:30-9:00p.m at the Top and…

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What Do The Winter Olympics Mean To You?

Ashley Fox Staff Writer The Winter Olympics were first introduced five years after the modern Olympics in 1896. They have come a long way since it was first established as the Nordic Games where only athletes in Scandinavian countries could play. Just this fact alone is drastically different, with roughly 88 countries  qualified from all around the world for Sochi 2014. Among the fifteen winter Olympic sports, a new component to figure skating has been added called a team event, where skaters will skate as a team to total up…

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