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Punk’s Not Dead

Arista Roesch Editorial         Whoever said punk was dead was in a real culture shock in the 1990s and early 2000s (if cocaine or other drugs didn’t kill them off by then). This period is known in the indie world as our ‘post-punk revival’. In 1997, the married (but now divorced) duo of Meg and Jack White started the ever-popular indie punk band The White Stripes. Their unique sound captured the lovers of music on almost all ends of the spectrum, from pop to punk and a little bit of everything…

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Spring Break 2014

Kaitlyn Brewer Staff Writer Has spring break lost its luster? After talking with some of my fellow classmates, I would say that all spring break is really about nowadays is literally a break from school. Unless mommy and daddy are paying for your vacation, it seems quite impossible with a college students’ financial status to take a trip outside of the 45 minutes it takes to get to the mall. Spring break has changed from the days of MTV’s coverage when we were kids. To our generation, it is a…

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