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BSI Presents “No Offense…But”

Ashley Fox Staff Writer On April 15th, the Wilmington College Black Student Initiative (BSI) organization presented it’s 10th annual “No Offense…But” program. Students were able to write down any question they had about the opposite sex, gender, race, or stereotype in Pyle during lunch and dinner hours the week prior to the event. These questions were then presented to a panel of students that represented 8 different categories: Athletes, Greek organizations, Aggies, White/Blacks, LGBT, Cuban/Hispanic, International Students, and Multicultural students. The program was held from 7:30-9:00p.m at the Top and…

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Operation: Professional Development Day

Arista Roesch Staff Writer                    Career Services was once something hidden in College Hall. Now, though, it’s right in the middle of Pyle, and right in the middle of changes. They have made leaps and bounds in the right direction – making job postings and internship postings readily available online, and creating more resources for students to create the perfect resume and cover letter.                   Many might remember out Career Fair, which was, undeniably, a success. What’s next on their list? A…

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Vandalism arises on campus

A.J. Ganger Staff Writer   Last weekend the bell that sits outside of the Pyle Center was “ripped out of the ground” said the head of Campus Safety, Mike Renshaw. The bell was originally in the bell tower outside of College Hall. In the mid 60s, Terry Miller remembers a rope which hung down in the first tower and a sign that read, “In case of fire ring 10 times.” Also, in November of 1962 the bell was rung after the football team won their first game in 3 years….

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