Sunday, 24/2/2019 | 5:29 UTC-5
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  • Spring Break 2014

    Kaitlyn Brewer Staff Writer Has spring break lost its luster? After talking with some of my fellow classmates, I would say that all spring break is really about nowadays is literally a break from school. Unless mommy and daddy are paying for your vacation, it seems quite impossible with a college students’ financial status to

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  • What Spring Break really means

      Editorial Scott Duncan   Wilmington, Ohio —As we look around we can see the subtleties of spring approaching.  The birds are returning to the north as the frigid winter snow turns into rain showers.  The hours of daylight are slowly increasing and baseball teams have started their training again.  While spring blooms, a century

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  • Students plan for spring

    Dani Krabbe Human Interest   Spring is quickly approaching, and the students at Wilmington College have a lot to look forward to.  Many are traveling to seek warm weather and a beach to flop on, some are searching for career opportunities, and others are looking forward to graduation. Abby Knapp is a senior double majoring

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  • Spring events

    Megan Phillips Staff Writer   Although the fall semester has come to an end, don’t forget about the upcoming Spring events such as the President’s inauguration, the Food Symposium, Greek rush and pledge season, Spring Break, bowling with the Greeks, and Relay for Life. The first event that will be held on campus in the

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