Saturday, 23/2/2019 | 9:31 UTC-5
The Witness Newspaper
  • A Heart-Changing Experience

    Arista Roesch Staff Writer                 February, as many know, is the month of Valentine’s Day. But what sometimes goes without notice, is that February 7th through the 14th is Congenital Heart Defect awareness week. According to, one of the main hosts of CHD awareness, “Congenital Heart Disease is considered to be the most common

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  • Valentine’s Day

    Kaitlyn Brewer Staff Writer Why hate on a day devoted to love? Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone.  Think back to the days of elementary. Your mom would help make your valentines box and send you off to collect all kinds of goodies. With your Nickelodeon

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  • Romance (and Other Stereotypes) In the Air

    Maraya Wahl Staff Writer  Chocolate, hearts, teddy bears.  All three of these items have something familiar in common, and any average American can guess what this is:  Valentine’s Day.  It is advertised all too well by Hallmark and every other store out there, supplying everything from candy to cards to expensive stuff to buy for

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  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Students at WC need love too

    Dani Krabbe Staff Writer Love is in the air here at Wilmington College. When walking through the dorms and academic buildings there is an abundance of pink and red decorations that are sure to get the Fighting Quakers prepared for this romantic holiday. Some couples and individuals around campus had many different responses for how

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