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SGA elections to be held Tuesday and Wednesday

Dylan Swormstedt Staff Writer   The Student Government Association elections are right around the corner.  Students can submit their votes in Pyle Center during lunch and dinner on Tuesday, February 19 and Wednesday, February 20. The candidates for each position are as follows: Student Body President– Gus Sevastos (junior) and Jamie Crane (sophomore), Vice President- Nate Godby (junior), VP of Finance- Corbin Hellwarth (junior), VP of Administration- Morgan Smith (junior), VP of Faculty, Alumni, & Trustee Relations- Ellen Short (sophomore), Joe Njeru (freshman), and Louis Williams (freshman), VP of Elections-…

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Land of confusion

Gus Sevastos Editorial and Staff Writer The purpose of this writing is not to shock or anger you, not get you to vote for a particular candidate, not to start heated debates, or to call for an overthrow of our government. The purpose of this article is to get you to think about our country. Think about the things that make it strong, and think about the issues that stand in the way of it. With our present lives, it has never been easier to point out all the problems…

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