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The 5 Most Important APA Tips for College Papers

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In high school we were all taught how to write in MLA format. However, certain college classes will require you to write in APA format which goes against everything you think you know about citations and format.

Title Page

You need a title page for your paper that will include your running header at the top of the paper. In the middle of the page will be the title of your paper, your name, and the institution

Why Hulu is Better than Netflix

Jane Doe

Wilmington College


When you start a sentence with a number, you spell out the number. Numbers below 10 are written out, and numbers above 10 are not; when you are discussing percents always use the percent sign.


Direct quotations fewer than 40 words must include “quotation marks surrounding phrase/sentence. Direct quotations 40 or more words have the entire quote as a blockquote. Count all words (including prepositions & conjunctions), not just main words. Highlighting using word count will make this much easier.


The word References is centered on the first line; only the R is capitalized, no underlining or bold print. All entries are double-spaced both within and between entries. List all of the authors of works with 1 through 7 authors. For works with two through seven authors, insert an ampersand (&) before the last author. Always include author middle initial(s) if provided. For periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper) titles, capitalize all significant words, and italicize entire title. Insert issue number in parentheses but not italicized. Book/report titles: italicize & capitalize appropriately. Title Capitalization is not the same for APA, just the first word and proper nouns get capitalized.

Citation Machine/EasyBib

Just don’t. It’s always wrong and depending on the professor you’ll get major points taken off.

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