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The Best Places to Milk your Student Discount Online

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Are you like me, in that you really love to buy unnecessary things, especially over the Internet? And isn’t it always better to buy those things with a discount? Well lucky for you, you’re in college, meaning that you are entitled to a huge discount on almost everything! You better make use of your discount while you can, another opportunity like this won’t come along until you’re too old to care.

Microsoft Office: For those of you with your own laptops and personal computing tablets etc. Microsoft is offering you the sweet deal of downloading the entire Microsoft Office 365 2016 album, complete with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more! All you need to do it go to, enter a valid student email and you are set!

Spotify: If you love listening to music, whether it’s Pop, Country, Rock or Indie, then you probably use Spotify, and if you don’t then you should. Spotify offers a student plan of $4.99 a month plus tax. Of course, it’s kind of a pain if Spotify doesn’t recognize you being a student, but still! It’s a great way to listen to all your favorites and more for less!

Amazon: Remember when you said you like buying things earlier? Well with Amazon you can buy almost everything imaginable, even using your student discount. You’ll receive 50% off Amazon Prime pricing, this includes Amazon Video, two-day shipping and more!

Adobe: Meme’s, funny pictures of people sleeping in awkward positions, or more serious driven pictures, these can all be accomplished with the help of Adobe Photoshop. And if you are one such student who is inclined to mess with Photoshop professionally, Adobe is offering you a great chance to hone your skills with a $9.99 a month subscription to their services!

Norton Anti-Virus: You want a clean computer, right? Well Norton is here to help! With their student subscription plan, you can get a wonderful service to help protect you against that big cruel world known as the Internet. With 50% off, that’s a deal you can’t beat!

Wherever you go, always bring your student ID with you, you never know where you can get a sweet discount!


Sam Stanley

Sam Stanley is currently a Sophomore at Wilmington College. He has a year of writing for The Witness under his belt and the drive to write more detailed stories and better articles. He is excited to start diving deeper into journalism and uncover the stories that will make you think and see from a new perspective.


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